Where Meal Prepping and Meals Plans are LIFE

At TPL FIT, I believe that food is the central piece to the puzzle when it comes to how we want our bodies to look and preform.

I have come across many different diets and frankly, I have tried most of them; Daniel Fast, Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian, Whole 30 and Atkins. One thing that I can say about every diet is that I did not find a SINGLE ONE that I could turn into a lifestyle.

My goal as a nutritionist is to help people love foods that are good for their body and to avoid foods that they are tempted to eat in mass proportion and tend to eat emotionally. 

By no means are all foods bad for us, but I believe that we should eat the foods that we love and the ones that effect our body negatively should be the ones we minimize the most.​



Personal Training that's specific to YOU

At TPL FIT, we know that fitness programs are not a one size fits all solution to your 'body goals' dilemma. Whether you're looking to enhance your glutes, slim your waist or lost fat, you can trust that your program will never look the same as someone else's program. We take pride in providing services that are made for you and will allow your body to work with you during your workout routines.

The importance of getting you in shape is matched with our desire to ensure that you're healthy throughout the process of working with us to achieve your goals. All workouts, whether virtual or face to face are started with a warm up and concluded with stretching.

If you're ready to take the next step in achieving your desired fitness goals, check out our two services below!


Where Meal Prepping and Meals Plans are LIFE

At TPL FIT, we believe that the success of an athlete lies not only on their athletic skills but their ability to be mentally tough, physically strong and athletically endured to preform at game time.

Our training focuses on an athletes mental toughness during elevated training, gaining muscular strength through weighted interval training and building endurance through drills that correct for and teach an athlete how to use their muscles to preform for an extended period of time.

MENTAL TOUGHNESS: The ability to fight through adversity and not allow it to affect your level of thinking during game play & practices.

MUSCULAR STRENGTH: Building muscular endurance in order to preform a certain skillset at the highest level.

SKILL BUILDING: Identifying skills that need to be enhanced and the creating a goal setting play to ensure that this skill is built over time through drill training.