Life’s Lemons Turned to into a Lemonade Margarita

‘Learning from your current circumstances and turning life into something YOU desire’

Life is filled with so many ups and downs that sometimes we forget to take a moment to enjoy what’s right in front of us on a daily basis.

Over the last year, I stopped investing my time into myself. I poured into students, athletes, clients and family/friends but didn’t take much time to care for me. Life became so busy and I felt like I was aimlessly searching for something that I could call ‘home’. I spent so much of my energy pouring into others thinking that it was allowing me to fulfill my calling, but I felt stretched too thin and overwhelmed with all of my commitments.

Coming into this year of 2021, I knew that I had to make some changes. I wanted to slow life down a little bit and take more opportunities to live in the ‘present moments’ as they presented themselves. To do that, I needed to simplify my life in many different areas. For starters, I knew that I couldn’t be a full time mom, teacher, softball coach, nutrition coach and personal trainer. I began by quitting my full time teaching job and taking a chance to coach softball girls 1-1, nutrition/meal prepping for clients and diving into more 1-1 personal training sessions. This allowed me time to slow down and to regain focus on my daughter and relationship.

As time continued I started getting back into the gym consistently and retraining myself on what it means to commit to my own goals physically, mentally and emotionally. My sister, Chelby, has been a constant force for me during this time. She has kept me accountable, encouraged me to give myself grace and she’s been transparent with her own struggles as she works to reach her goals.

As I type this today, I am so thankful for